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Simvastatin, popularly known as Zocor, developed by Merck in 1992, is a medicine that is used to lower the levels of fat (lipid).

Taken with proper exercise, diet and while following weight loss practices, it can help in reducing heart problems’ risk in patients.

While it is very useful for keeping your heart healthy and away from any severe conditions, the dangerous side effects of the drug consumption, include muscle breakdown, also known as Rhabdomyolysis, liver issues and increased blood glucose levels. On the lower spectrum of the adverse effects, there’s constipation, headache and nausea.

If it’s taken during pregnancy, complications may occur and women who breastfeed children should avoid using it as well, as it can harm children. Patients who suffer from kidney problems should also consume Zocor in only small doses.

In World Health Organization’s Essential Medicine list, Zocor is listed.

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Therapeutic uses

It is mainly used for preventing strokes and heart attacks in patients who are at a risk of having them and is also used for treating dyslipidemia. As we have mentioned before, the diet also matters and Zocor is usually consumed with a low cholesterol diet.

Risks of stroke, heart attack and coronary revascularization were decreased in the patients by28%, 37% and 37% respectively.

The simplest effect that it has on the body, is that it reduces the amount of cholesterol produced by the liver. Zocor reduces triglycerides and bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.


The standard dosage is one pill every evening. It is taken orally (usually) and the doctor’s prescription should be followed.

Before taking the liquid form of Zocor, the bottle should be shaken for 20 seconds. This form is only taken without eating anything beforehand. The dosage should be given attention to.

Dosage prescribed by the doctor, depend on the person’s medical condition, treatment and age.

People with high cholesterol levels and triglycerides do not usually feel ill, so if the patient stops feeling ill, dosage shouldn’t be stopped.


As we have noted before, consuming Zocor during pregnancy can have very severe effects on the child as it causes lipid metabolism imbalance in the infant.

It shouldn’t be consumed by a woman who breastfeeds or suffers from liver disease.

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The development of simvastatin is related to Iovastatin.

1956 – Mevalonic acid was separated from a yeast extract by Karl Folkers and Carl Hoffman.

1959 – HMG-CoA reductase enzyme was discovered by the researchers at Max Planck Institute. All over the world, the scientists were encouraged to look for the effective inhibitor of the enzyme, because of this discovery.

1976 – Akira Endo, an employee of Daiichi Sankyo, Japan, isolated the first inhibitor from fungus.

1979 – Hoffman and his team succeeded in extracting Iovastating from fungus, Aspergillus terreus.

Zocor was the highest-selling drug in the but fell from the spot once Merck and Co.’s patent expired.

Even though the patent was supposed to expire in January 2006, it expired in June instead, due to the fact that the company presented a study to the Patent Trademark Office, which was about the drug’s positive effects on kids.


As we have mentioned before, as generic drugs hit the market, the prices reduce significantly. This is why, statin prices decreased once it hit the market in 2006.

Adverse effects

Rare side effects include memory loss, joints pain and muscle cramps. The chances of developing severe allergies is rare. Common side effects include indigestion and eczema. In case the patient is suffering from rashes, hoarseness, swelling, and dizziness, they should immediately seek medical care.


Liver diseases, alcohol consumption and kidney diseases are the conditions in which Zocor shouldn’t be taken.


Zocor is used alongside grapefruit juice and some other drugs for treating heart-related diseases. Although, it should be noted that when taken along with grapefruit juice, the chances of side effects increase by 3x.

People suffering from amlodipine, amiodarone, telithromycin, gemfibrozil, parconazole and some other conditions, shouldn’t consume Zocor.

Red yeast rice contains Iovastatin. Due to this, it should not be consumed with Zocor, as doing so, can increase the risk of muscle and liver problems.



Available as a general medicine, as we have noted before, Zocor is listed in WHO’s Essential Medicine List.

Since 2006, it has been available in most countries as a generic drug. Once the patent of Merck and Co. expired, Ranbaxy and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries applied for approval from the FDA and started manufacturing it once their request was approved.


If the person starts showing symptoms such as lack of breathing and other severe ones, urgent medical attention is needed.


Like most other drugs, its contact with light and moisture should be avoided and must be kept at room temperature. It shouldn’t be stored in the bathroom or be refrigerated.


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